2023 Board of Director Bios

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*indicates candidate just completed their term in 2023 and is running for re-election

General Board Members

Hello, my name is Staci Collins and I would like to be considered for a role
on the Peachwood Recreation Club Board. I am a long-time Logan resident
and Peachwood member. When I think of Peachwood, I recall my earliest
memories of counting down the end of the school year to come to the pool
club with my family during the hot summer days. I remember being a tween and
riding bikes here with friends to spend our days splashing around, playing games
on the old tennis courts, and getting ice cream at the snack stand, which used
to be a chest freezer in the office. My husband, Sean, grew up as a Peachwood
member and we are grateful we have the opportunity to continue the tradition
with our children. Aidan, 15, Abby, 12, and Anna, 7, have grown from splashing
in the baby pool to flipping off the diving board.

Peachwood is synonymous with summer in our household and is an
integral part of us having a memorable summer. I have watched the club
evolve from my childhood to that of my children, most recently adding the
“swim mom” title. As a swim mom to Anna, I spend most days of my summer
poolside with a variety of families and also get to visit other swim clubs to see
what they are offering.

I have been a special education teacher for 17 years in a local school
district and am committed to being an advocate for all. I previously served as
secretary of the GSCSNJ Harmony Service Unit and as both secretary and
treasurer on the Swedesboro-Woolwich Education Association executive
committee. As a teacher, Girl Scout troop leader, assistant softball coach, and
mom, I have learned to be resourceful and innovative, an effective problem
solver, and a listener. Most importantly, I want to find ways that all members can
get the most out of their membership while ensuring our members are proud to
be a part of Peachwood.

Hello Peachwood Members,

I’d like your consideration for re-election to the Peachwood Board so we can continue the great work we have done for you, your families, and the club.  As co-chair of the Events Committee, I helped bring some fun and exciting activities to the pool this Summer.  If elected, I’ll work with the other board members and member volunteers to bring new activities like kids bingo, formal adult nights, and a return of the Christmas in July festivities to Peachwood.  The pool resurfacing project was a large investment and undertaking, but there are still improvements to be made to Peachwood’s facilities.  I’ll work with the Board to prioritize the investments made in the next few years at Peachwood to improve our facilities and amenities.  Each of us, members and guests, have a responsibility to one another to keep Peachwood a safe, clean and enjoyable space for all and I will ensure our managers and club leadership continue to keep us all safe by enforcing our Club’s Rules and Policies according to our By-Laws.  Thank you for the consideration and go Pirates!

Mike Corey

My name is Becky Cotton and I am running for re-election.  I have been on the Board for 1 year and have assumed the role of employment coordinator for the pool. I would like to continue my role on the Board.

My daughter is a member of the swim team, so I spend a great deal of time at the pool.  It has been a great opportunity to be a member of the club but also part of the Board since I am able to talk to many other members and get feedback about changes that have been made and also need to be made to better the club.  Thank you.

My name is Erich Eisenhart. I have lived in the Sewell area all my life before moving to Woolwhich and now South Harrison. My wife and family have been members of Peachwood for the last six years. During those years we have had many children on the Peachwod swim team, and care about the future of our club. Having served on many boards both with business and sports I feel I would be a good fit. Thank you in advance for the consideration.

Erich Eisenhart

My name is Della Fox and I have been on the board for a few years now. I live in Woolwich and have been a Peachwood member for 6 years. Both of my children swim for the team as well. I am a part time secretary at Logan Twp School District. I have successfully been managing all pavilion rentals/parties over the last few years. I would like to continue my board member journey with Peachwood.

My name is Gianna Gechter. I’m a wife and mother of three. Peachwood has been a part of my husband’s life for the past 30yrs. From being on the swim team, lifeguarding, managing, and coaching – he has always expressed how much he wanted our children involved in this community. Over the last 4 years I’ve been able to see why. My children swim for the pirates and we spend a great deal of time at this great pool. It’s a huge part of our summer and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
Our growing community means a lot to myself and my family. Being a local small business owner I know the importance of making personal connections, marketing, and creating innovative ideas! It would be an honor to sit on the Peachwood board and make this club even better. My goal is to be an asset while working along side with other members to help the pool continue to flourish.
Thank you for your time,
We are immeasurably grateful for the positive impact the swim team and overall swim community have had on our family, especially our children Liam & Emma. My kids always felt like they belonged – part of the Peachwood family. This confidence helped them grow socially, athletically, and has translated to other aspects of their lives.
It would be my pleasure to volunteer my time and give back to an organization and swim team which has already given us so much!
I have served on the board for the last three years and would like the opportunity to continue our great work.
I have more than 25 years experience in the public sector, serving several years in various leadership positions. I have extensive experience in project management and long-term strategic planning. Moreover, I have served on professional executive boards at the national level. I intend on leveraging this experience to be a steward of this swim community to ensure other families can have the same positive experience the McGovern family has.
I have been a lifelong resident of Gloucester County and a Logan Township resident since 2012.  My husband, Frank, and I have one son (Antonio) who will be starting fifth grade in a few short weeks.
   My husband and I both work in public service due to our interest in giving back to our community.  Frank is a Corporal with the West Deptford Police Department and has just about nineteen years on as a police officer.  I am presently a Deputy Attorney General within the Division of Criminal Justice for the State of New Jersey, where I am assigned to the Prosecutor Supervision Unit.  I have been with the Attorney General’s Office since December 2022.  Before that, I was an Assistant Prosecutor for sixteen years, beginning with the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office and then with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. During my time as an Assistant Prosecutor in Cumberland, I was the supervising attorney for the Special Victims Unit.  During my time in Camden, I was assigned to the Narcotics Unit and the Major Crimes Unit.
    I would like to join the swim club board as a way to continue to be involved in my local community.  I presently volunteer as a coach in the Logan Township Basketball Association and this opportunity allowed me meet other families from Logan Township.  Additionally, my son has been a part of the summer swim team for the past three seasons and during this time, I started to see what a vital role the swim club board plays in fostering a positive community for the swimmers.  I also started to gain an appreciation for how much work goes into preparing for a swim season (as well as opening/maintaining a swim club for the community) and I believe that I can be a valuable resource to the board, given my over seventeen years’ worth of an experience as a litigating attorney.
Thank you,
Rosina Teti

Officer Position – Secretary

Hello! I was born and raised in Logan, briefly moved away and then re-rooted to raise my own little family. When I returned home, it was important for me to connect to the community through volunteerism and the pool board position presented itself as that opportunity. I have been an active member for 6 years and have served in several capacities during that time, most recently, as board secretary.  I have an excellent attendance record, work to support subcommittees and pride myself on trying to be a voice for all membership.  My family still enjoys the pool, and I am happy to stay on to continue the wonderful work that our current board has accomplished–we have so many more ideas and I would love to help these come to fruition in the coming years.
Thank you for considering me for the board.