Karen DeVito – President

Karen has been our President for 3 years and came in brand new to both the board and position.  She is thankful for the opportunity and feels we have come far in 3 years.  As a teacher at GCIT, she spends a good amount of time at the pool at the summer, but feels like there is more to be done.  She enjoys working toward these improvements and feels the board does a good job and works together well.

She looks forward to making it an even better facility than it was, and is hoping to have 3 more years to move it along even further.

Al Beaver – Vice President

Al has been our Vice President for the past 3 years.  He has 3 children (2 of which are on swimteam) and had been a member since 2016.  Al brings diverse experience as a teacher/Union representative.  He also has extensive experience in running small non-profits, as well as how to execute effective meetings and how to deal with employment issues (including legal matters and policies).  With his varied background and passion for the pool, he wants to see where we can take this club next.

Ann Marie McClain – Treasurer

Ann Marie is a CPA and accountant in daily life and wants to bring these skills to the Treasurer position to help support the pool.  She and her family come to the pool and much as they can and feels this position is an opportunity to give back.

Bridget Perrotto – Membership Coordinator

Hello, My name is Bridget Perrotto and I have been a member of Peachwood since 2013 and a Board Member since 2016.  I am running for the Membership Coordinator Position which I have held for the last 3 years. I would like the opportunity to take all of the information I have learned over the last three years and use it to make the next few years even more seamless in regards to Membership.  We have implemented the new Member Splash program which has made the overall member experience online more manageable and we hope to incorporate more aspects of this program each year. Thank you for your consideration!

Heather Scheckner – Board Member

My name is Heather Scheckner and I am interested in running for re-election for one of the three-year open board positions. My husband and I have had a family membership at Peachwood with our two sons since the summer of 2006. I have been a board member since 2016.

My role on the committee for the past six years was the role of Swim Team Liaison. In that role, I sit on both the club and the team committees and I act as the liaison between the two groups. Our swim team families make up about 25% of our pool memberships, so it is essential to have communication flow back and forth between both committees. Both of my sons have been on the swim team since 2013.

I want to be a part of our committee for another term because our current committee members work extremely well together and those relationships have helped Peachwood remain one of the top swim clubs in our area. As you know, our committee has made a lot of improvements to our swim club over the past few years and we still have more ideas to share with you to make it even better.  I would appreciate your vote for re-election.

Danielle Cordery – Board Member

Danielle has been a member since 2005 and also has children who are now on swimteam.  She has seen a lot of positive improvements over the years, but also sees areas of opportunities.  A bit of a stickler for rules and procedures, Danielle is a doer who does not like to simply complain about things, but wants to volunteer to make sure they are fixed and that they are seen through.

Kevin McClain – Board Member

A member since 2015, Kevin also serves on Kingsway Youth Basketball board and the Guardian Angels Athletics board.  He has 30 years of experience in construction management and believes he can bring his expertise to help with current projects.  He enjoys being involved in the community and giving back, and will make himself generally available to help with all things Peachwood.

Mike Corey – Board Member

Hello Peachwood Members,

I’d like your consideration to join and represent your families on the Peachwood Swim Club Board.  My family has been a member of Peachwood for five years and both our children have been members of the Peachwood Pirates swim team for the last two summer seasons.  We’ve really enjoyed the memories and friendships we’ve made at the club and through the Pirates swim team.  I’d like to help the board and club leadership continue to make our pool and facilities a safe, clean, and enjoyable space for all members and guests.  More specifically, I’d like to see us empower the club staff (Managers and Head Lifeguards) to enforce common sense rules such as ZERO tolerance for smoking on premise and ZERO food/drink IN and AROUND the pool.  Over the last two seasons in particular I’ve noticed an uptick of members/guests sneaking e-cig or traditional smoking at their lounges and members/guests wading in the main pool or at the water’s edge with drinks in hand.  We ALL pay for membership which means we ALL agree to adhere to and abide by certain rules and behaviors.  I’m open to incorporating fines, probational status and membership revocation for the very rare cases where membership is abused and our Peachwood family-friendly experience is negatively impacted by a very few.  I’d also like to work with the board and staff to expand/remodel the restrooms at the club and come up with ways to fundraise to help cover the costs associated with the maintenance/upkeep of the club facilities.  Thank you for the consideration and go Pirates!

Rebecca Cotton – Board Member

My name is Rebecca Cotton and I would like to run for a board position.

    I have been a member of the club for 8 years and my daughter has been swimming on the swim team for about 5 years.  We really enjoy coming to the club and I want to help continue to make it a great place.  I am off work during the summer months so I do have the time to help with what may be needed.